stash stash [stæʆ] verb [transitive] informal
to store something, especially money, in a safe, often secret place:
stash something away

• He has money stashed away in the Bahamas.

• The multi-millionaire apparently had £250 million stashed in overseas accounts.

— stash noun [countable] :

• After 20 years, she would have an after-tax stash of $467,000 in her taxable account.

* * *

stash UK US /stæʃ/ verb [T] INFORMAL
to store something, especially a large amount of money, in a safe place, often secretly: »

She stashed an $84 million fortune in foreign bank accounts.

stash sth away »

He had never revealed to his wife that he had stashed away $3 million in assets.

stash noun [C]

Over 20 years the extra savings will add $160,000 to your retirement stash.

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